The Fiancee in the Background; S02 E07

December 6, 2012

Hey there, all our friends in the Internet Adventurelands, and welcome to Tales From The Jungle Crews.

Big news! We're on Stitcher Radio now, and we're happy to have a bunch of new friends. Thanks for joining us! You can listen to us from the Stitcher App, or still from iTunes or here. We love this media stuff.

This episode is part 2 of our October taping with Joey and Trevor of their eponymous podcast, but also joining us are Skipper Josh and Skipper Jay. This was a fun episode, and surprisingly not really explicit tagged. We must be losing our "cool" "edgy" factor.

Email us at to have all your questions answered, and we've got a stack of episodes recorded for release every 2 weeks. We're getting "professional" again.