The Hipster Cowboy, Pt 2: S03 E18

July 8, 2014

Well, we've come to another year, here at the Jungle Crews. (Technically it's August 1st, but there's a reason we're calling this the last episode of the year... read on.)

This episode we are back with the second half of our interview with Skipper Chris Egan, a man of two worlds... Disney and Knotts. Each one fighting for survival within him. Which shall win? The world may never know.
Anyway, the other reason we're calling this the last episode of the year is that in 2 weeks, we start a 3 part series with a truly amazing gentleman. He was part of Jungle history from 1981 to 2003, and this is a super special chat with someone who means a lot to so many at Jungle. So, join us on July 22nd to find out who will be starting our 4th year telling these stories.
Thank you, as always, for being so incredibly supportive. Our numbers are the best they've ever been, and we have such fantastic listeners. If you have any comments you want read on the 4th anniversary show, send us an Email at