Jungle Crews Holiday Special Reruns…

December 23rd, 2014

Just like all of the major television networks, here at SkipCast Networks we enjoy mining the depths of our catalog during this holiday season. Last year, we presented the Jungle Crews Radio Play Holiday Special. It is one of the favorite things I have done in the 4 years of the podcast, and I wanted to share it with you all again this year. 

For those who haven't experienced them yet, the Jungle Crews Radio plays were our attempts at creating a humorous narrative based around the fictionalized account of Skipper Gary London, Esq. We enlisted the incredibly talented Joey Hurley and Trevor Kelly, and the gang of SkipCast players who supported us, and put out 8 fantastic adventures into the Rivers of Adventure. We retired the concept last year, but I still think it is a fun part of the Tales From The Jungle Crews experience, and it is chock full of Jungle Humor. 
I hope you enjoy this dip back into Jungle Crews history, and we're looking forward to rejoining you in the New Year with new episodes and more great interviews...
Holiday Greetings,
Skipper Kyle
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