RERUN: Descent into Madness, pt 3: S02 E24

July 14th, 2016

The Final part of our Seattle visit with Skipper Adam Rotella... (Explicit language tags!)


RERUN: Descent into Madness, pt 2; S02 E23

July 13th, 2016

Part 2 of the infamous "Adam Rotella" incident... 


RERUN: Descent into Madness, pt 1; S02 E22

July 12th, 2016

Middle of July? Tired of the Re-run episodes as Skipper Kyle is lost in the Jungles of Europe? Well, too bad, because we have one more episode. What words can be said about Skipper Adam Rotella? So, so many, and he uses them almost all himself. This three part episode is a doozie, as Skipper Mike Robles and Matt Nerrie join us for an amazing set of episodes. We'll be putting all three of these back up for your enjoyment!


RERUN: A Rainy Night; S02 E08

July 5th, 2016

We continue the "Best of" playlist for our Summer Vacation. This week, we're heading back in time with Skipper Ron Robledo, as we chat about the Jungle, Disney Art, and his time as an illustrator. Great interview, wet background, and a lovely cool podcast for a warm July day... Happy 5th of July, everyone... Hope you had a great Independence Day!

Skipper Kyle

RERUN: A Night and a Round Table; S02 E01

June 28th, 2016

Summer Vacation is still upon us, but we are here with the magic of "Advanced Scheduling"... Enjoy this episode from our famous "Skip Greets", which had us banned from Trader Joes for many a month. We had 8 Skips who all came together to tell their stories and shoot the fat... Maybe this July we'll do some more of these, when I get  back.

Skipper Kyle

RERUN: Chrisstravaganza, pt 2: S01 E08

June 21st, 2016

More Summer Vacation goodness, all the way back from our first season. These little heard episodes show the promise, but not the polish, of our later episodes... still, fun stories.

Skipper Kyle

RERUN: Chris-stravaganza; S01 E06

June 14th, 2016

Hey Skips! Summer vacation is here, so here's a re-run for you, all the way back from our first season. Check back in every week, and we'll have new episodes in July!

Skipper Kyle

Two A-Peeling Skippers, pt 2; S05 E23

June 6th, 2016

Hey Adventurers!

Summer Vacation is here, and the podcast will be in re-runs for the next 5 weeks. To keep you entertained, we have one last new episode, the second half of our time with Skippers Fred Martin and Jeff Bailes. This contains one of my favorite Jungle Cruise stories ever, so take a listen.

If you need more Jungle Love, make sure you swing over to for all of your Jungle news, photos, and vintage stories. (Curated by our very own Skipperette Jen...)

See you all Mid July!- Skipper Kyle Esq

RERUN: The Bacon Incident; S01 E11

May 31st, 2016

So, I get asked a lot of questions as a podcast host. The most prevalent one is "wait, what?" and "wait, why?" and "what is a podcast..."

But in terms of the podcast, I get asked a lot about why the first season of the show had titles that made no sense in regard to the context of the episodes. Skipper Allison and Krizstina and I don't talk about Bacon. Not once. 

See, I was trying to put in a sense of whimsy, much in the same way that the Police Squad TV show did. Eventually, I moved toward titles that made more sense. It didn't stop this episode to be our most popular episode for the first 4 years of the podcast. It was the first one to 10,000 listens, and I thought it was just about time for us to go back in time and revisit it...


Two A-Peeling Skippers, pt 1; S05 E22

May 23rd, 2016

So, here's a little story...

About a year after we started the podcast, back in 2012, Skipper Fred Martin reached out to me and said he'd like to come onto the show. After 4 years of passing emails back and forth, and having scheduling issues, he grabbed Skipper Jeff Bailes, and we had a lovely picnic in the park and chatted about their time in the early 90's at Jungle.

Very little story. But a nice one, no? We had a great time with this interview, and it has one of my favorite stories I have ever had told to me. (Hence the name of the episode)

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