RERUN: The Revenge! (pt 2); S04 E22

September 4th, 2018

The second half of our interview with the fantastic Dr David Marley and Skipper Trevor Kelly. This is confusingly named, but my consistency was always a bit suspect. We tried a new feature to the podcast called "Disney Lies", and it pretty much fell flat. So, there's that. Enjoy!


Originally published June 9th, 2015

The second half of our chat with Skippers David Marley and Trevor Kelly is here, and we are so excited to share stories of Skipper Standup, Jungle Cruise hijinks, and a little semi-failed comedy bit I tried called "Disney Lies"... great in concept, maybe not as good in execution. So, there is that...


RERUN: Adjacent to Greatness, pt 1; S04 E21

August 27th, 2018

Once upon a time, two great Skipper kingdoms collided, and Skipper David Marley joined us on the Jungle Crews podcast. This was a time before Skipper Stories, back in the hey-day of Skipper Standup. Marvel at the random appearance of Skipper Trevor Kelly. Wonder at the tales of the early 00's. Basically, it's a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing, is what I am saying. Enjoy this trip back into podcast history!

Originally posted May 26th, 2015

Time for more Skippertainment? This week, it's even more entertain-y than usual. We welcome Skipper David Marley to the podcast. Host and driving force behind the Skipper Standup shows, Dr Marley is also a Disneyland historian, having taught classes on the history of the park, as well as being in the process of writing a book on everyone's favorite attraction, the Jungle Cruise. We're excited to have him, and it has been a long time coming.


RERUN: The DJ Skipper, pt 2; S04 E20

August 13th, 2018

Not a big bunch of text on this one. The second half of our sit down with DJ Elliot


RERUN: The DJ Skipper; S04 E19

August 8th, 2018

So, the really crazy thing about this episode was that it happened *before* The Force Awakens. Wait, was that even a thing? Has the last few years gone by SO fast?

Skipper Elliot is living the dream. Former Skip, amazing DJ, and getting to travel and go to a ton of really exciting nerd events. Oh, also, he's a really cool guy too. This was a fun episode set, and we hope you enjoy!

Originally posted April 28th, 2015

We're headed back to Orlando! WDW is where the adventures of our latest Skipper Interviewee happened. Skipper Elliot was at the Jungle East, but his adventures span more than just his time in the Jungle. We have a fantastic discussion about the differences between Anaheim and Orlando, as well as his exciting times behind the wheel of the boats in both places. So, pull up a chair, or a car, or wherever you consume your podcasts from, and enjoy!


RERUN: Working For The Mouse; S04 E18

August 1st, 2018

So, this was a strange episode for me. It was a non-Skipper, from an era that I didn't know, and who was promoting his own project. (which I tried to be very particular when I promoted other people's stuff.) But Trevor Allen is a hell of a guy, and his show "Working for the Mouse" was one of the first one-man shows that I didn't secretly mock in my head while it was going on. He was really fun to chat with, and I was glad he joined the Jungle Crews family. He may not have been a Skip by job, but he was by attitude...

<< Originally posted April 10th, 2015>>


Ok, so a couple of days ago, I was alerted to a really cool one man show that is premiering in Los Angeles on Friday, April 10th, open until April 19th. I saw a bit of it, and I knew I had to have this guy on the show. It's a bit strange, because he is a non-Skipper, but his spirit is as much at home in the Jungle as it is wherever the costumed characters hang out... 
The show information is at, and if you are in the LA or Orange County area, I genuinely can endorse this show and recommend that you go see it.
Also, today was the launch day of Merchandise From The Jungle Crews. Art that is designed by Skippers, and is for anyone... We start off with 9 t-shirt designs that are a must have for any fashionable fan's collection. The shirts can be found here, at Merchandise From The Jungle Crews. We'll be adding new shirts and products as time goes on. This will help support the podcast, as well, so swing over and take a peek!
Thanks, everyone, and we'll see you soon.

RERUN: Doctor Stephanie Grace, Attorney at Law, pt 2; S04 E17

July 18th, 2018

The second half of our interview with the fantastic Skipper Stephanie Grace.


<<Originally published April 14th, 2015>>

Boy, it must be like your Birthday, or something. Two episodes in the same week? Crazy!

We sit down this week again with Skipper Stephanie Grace, as she shares more stories of her time at the Jungle. This episode we even get into the details of her famed "24 Shot" incident. Lots of super-exciting stories with a super fun lady-Skip. She's one of my favorites, and she is just as charming on a microphone as she was in a boat.

RERUN: Doctor Stephanie Grace, Attorney at Law; S04 E16

July 3rd, 2018

There are few people I enjoyed working with as much as this Skipper, and we've always had a lot to chat about since then. (We share a love of board gaming, for example...) This was a fun episode as a follow up to the more serious discussion of the prior episode, and while we did get off topic, it was worth the side journey.

<< Originally Published March 31st, 2015>>

It's that time again, Adventurers!

 This week we have the incredible Skipper Stephanie Grace with us for the first of her two part visit. I worked with the lovely Doctor starting back in 2006, and she was always a delight on the docks. I knew she had some great stories to tell, and after the last episode going so far back in time, I thought we could use a trip back to the future.
We'll see you back here in 2 weeks!

RERUN: First Around The River; S04 E15

June 26th, 2018

When I look back over the 6 years we were doing the podcast, I sort of wonder which episode would I want to hang my hat on, which is the one that I think is the best representation about what we did. This episode is probably that one.

The story of how we came across Skipper Warren Asa is a strange one, and after we had our interview the guys at the OC Register went out and did a video and text interview of him. He's one of two Skippers that we interviewed who were there on the first week of Disneyland's operation. Skipperette Jen had just joined our operation a few months before, and a week before this episode went up, we were featured on The Nerdist podcast. Our episodes then started blowing up and we were getting 40,000 listens per episode. We made a few mistakes on how we handled all that early publicity, but in the long run it was still a great time and a great rush. I was handling a totally different operation in the space of a few weeks. I started getting more serious about what we were doing, about content, and about how we promoted. It was sort of the glory days of the podcast, and I'm so happy that I got to have this part of the journey.

<< Originally posted March 17th, 2015>>

What a strange and wonderful journey around the River that this podcast has been, my friends. Well, today, it gets even more strange and wonderful.

When I started this back in 2011, I never expected that eventually I would be interviewing a Skipper from the 1950's, let alone a Skipper like Warren Asa. Warren's first day in a bote was July 17, 1955, on the opening day of Disneyland. He was among the first of his kind, helping create both the adventure of Disneyland, and the adventures in the Jungle. I was really lucky to get to spend an hour chatting with him about what brought him to Disneyland, his time as a Skipper, and a bit about his life. It was a wonderful interview, and I hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I did.
Skipper Kyle

RERUN: The Coach, pt 2: S04 E14

June 19th, 2018

Here's the second interview with Skipper Kerry Iannazzo, and congrats to the Coach on his recent marriage!

<<Originally published March 2nd, 2015>>

Hey, everyone... So, the good news is that we've started building up a decent catalog of recorded episodes, and for this week we're putting up a new episode instead of our every-other week re-run. We're rejoining the second half of our interview with Skipper Kerry Iannazzo, and rejoin his history of working at Disneyland from 1976 to 1985.

Next week we'll have a re-run, but the week after that, we've got a very special treat in store, so stay tuned.
Skipper Kyle

RERUN: The Coach, pt 1: S04 E13

June 15th, 2018

Hey Adventurers! Just a few updates as we reach the 2/3 point of our podcast re-run.

As soon as this is finished, which is probably sometime in the fall, we are probably going to continue some level of hosting the episodes. Still, we recommend that you download whatever you want to keep for posterity, because we don't know how long they will exist on the internets. With Skipper Kyle back at Disney, it's now a situation where we don't feel like we can create more Jungle Crews content without stepping on his work integrity and causing conflicts. So, enjoy, pass it around and share it, and keep supporting us at our Redbubble Skipper Store,


<<Original post from February 24, 2015>>

When I started sitting down with my friends and recording our Jungle stories, I never imagined I would some day venture back to the 1970's and hear stories of Disneyland around the Bicentennial and going into the early 80's. This week's episode is the first of two episodes with Skipper Kerry Iannazzo, who graced the docks from 1976-1985. When speaking with all of the other early 80's Skips, every one of them told me I needed to talk to Kerry. Not only does he have a great way with telling stories, but he just is an incredibly nice guy who I would have loved to have worked with. 30 years after he has left the park, and nearly 40 years after he hired in, this guy still has the Jungle Water flowing through his veins. 

 See you guys in 2 weeks for the next part of the interview!
Skipper Kyle

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