Ri-Know What You Did Last Summer; S05 E14

February 9th, 2016

Such busy times here at SkipCast headquarters. Besides work on our new card game, Tales From The Jungle Crews; The Game, we are also busy lining up great interviews for your podcast pleasures. This week, we chat with Skipper Raisa, a recent departure from the docks of Orlando. But she's not just any Skipper. She's been a cast member at all 6 US parks, as well as the 2 water parks. She also has a super sharp wit and a lot of great views of the Jungle experience. We were super excited to finally get her onto the show. 

Make sure you catch her YouTube channel, YouTube.com/Raisa_Lynn. Lots of great Jungle and Disney videos!
Skipper Kyle out!

RERUN: Jungle Crews Radio Play, Episode 1

February 2nd, 2016

So, some of you might be saying to yourself... "Self... Why is Skipper Kyle re-posting this episode again? He did it like a year ago."

Well, we announced something exciting yesterday, and it's tied into the Radio Plays. 4 years ago, we first put out the adventures of Gary London, esq, and his navigator Skippy. The episode has been downloaded nearly 13,000 times, and the #1 request I get by EMail is for more episodes. We put out 8 episodes, of varying audio quality, and we had a great time with it.
So, flash forward to yesterday, when we announced the follow up to our card game Jungle Rummy; "Tales From The Jungle Crews, The Game!" The adventures of Gary London continue, as we have begun work on our next adventure. Joining us is the incredible Richard Wallace, whose art style is perfectly set for this light, entertaining game. We'll be announcing more details as the months roll on, but we hope to do a Kickstarter in the late Summer of 2016. Join us on Facebook for regular updates. 

Three Waterlogged Skippers; S05 E13

January 26th, 2016

Welcome back for another episode of Skippertainment. This episode we taped in the middle of the biggest downpour that SoCal has seen in years, and Skippers Tom Halligan and Jeff Rhoads hung in there like troopers. Tom has a unique Disney story and an experience that really is a globetrotting perspective. I was happy to get a little wet to come see these great Skips.

More fresh episodes in 2 weeks! Stay Tuned!

RERUN: The $55 Podcast; S02 E14

January 19th, 2016

Winter is over, new episodes are recorded, and we're back to our Every-Other-Week schedule of episodes. This week is our "Rerun Week"...

We go back in time to 2013, when a young Skipper named Jonathan Rushing had just left the Disneyland resort to pursue his lifelong career goal of male modeling. We sat down for what would be a very eventful day in this young Skipper's life.*
*(He got a parking ticket for illegally parking during the interview. Total bill, $55. Hence the episode name)
Lots of new episodes coming soon, so we'll see you next week!

The Weather Report: S05 E12

January 12th, 2016

Happy New Year, Adventurers...

This year's Winter Hiatus was shorter, and we're back with exciting new content. We have 4 episodes in the bag now, and we keep lining up really great stories for you.
So, 2015 was a gigantic year for us. We started with Warren Asa, a Skipper who was there on Day 1 of DIsneyland. Then we had our boost from The Nerdist podcast, which helped us grow our subscriber base, and we saw downloads as high as 40k per day. We had an amazing Kickstarter campaign, and we were able to get Jungle Rummy out into the hands of nearly 400 players. And through that all, we were able to bring you 22 episodes of our podcast. Thank you all for an incredible year. 
Today's episode starts 2016 out at Walt Disney World in the early 2000's, as Skipper Rob Ferre joins us on the podcast. A contemporary of some of the other WDW Skips we have had on the show, Skipper Rob shares his experiences in the College Program, and some of the challenges of working in Orlando. I love making new friends and opening up my view of the other parks, and this episode is both.
See you every other Tuesday for Skippertainment! Kungaloosh!

RERUN: The Three Amigos, S02 E06

December 22nd, 2015

So, good intentions of Holiday Podcasts have come and gone again, and my being sick and having lost my voice for a week have screwed up all the plans I had to keep putting up new episodes for the holidays. We're in Christmas week, and we hope everyone is wrapping up their year with merriment and cheer. New episodes, new adventures, and all that will be returning in January.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Star Wars Holiday season, and that you have a magical and merry Life Day!

RERUN: Jungle Crews Radio Play Xmas

December 15th, 2015

So, I had the best of intentions to get a new episode up today, but I think I jinxed myself by saying in the last episode that I would. I had a 10 day bout of the crud that also had a bonus of laryngitis, so I couldn't record anything without sounding like I was a tree frog huffing helium. I'm better, but I am working on getting a new episode up for next week... 

Until then, here's a little episode that is our holiday tradition. 2 years ago we wrapped up our Jungle Crews Radio Plays with this Holiday special, a visit with Skipper Gary London and his chum Skippy, as they learned the true meaning of XMas. It's full of copyright infringement and intellectual plagiarism, but there's some good jokes along the way. I hope you guys enjoy, and here's to the copious amounts of alcohol I will ingest as I make a speedy recovery! 
XMas Kungalooshes,
Skipper Kyle

An Upstanding Skipper; S05 E11

December 1st, 2015

Hey Skips! It's the Holiday season again, and that means it's time for our annual 2 month break...

Oh, wait. No it's not? Really? Oh, well, I guess that if management wants us running, we're staying running. 
So, this year, no Holiday Break for us here at SkipCast Networks. And we start off our Holiday Spectacular with our interview with the amazing Skipper Alex Elkin. Alex is a late 90's Skip who has made a huge name for him self on the stand up comedy scene, and we were really thrilled to have him on the podcast. We hope he'll come on again, where we can dig a little deeper into his adventures on the road... 
Happy Holidays to everyone, and may your egg nog always be spiked! 

A Script for the Ages, pt 2; S05 E10

November 17th, 2015

So, today’s guest is the second half of our sit down with Skipper Joel Halberstadt. We chat about his time as a Skipper in the late 60’s, but this time we dig more into his time in Imagineering. Joel’s first episode really has resonated with Skippers, and I have had a lot of great commentary about his first episode.

I hope everyone is enjoying the content this fall. I feel like we've had some really incredible episodes, and have also broadened our base. Thanks for continuing to share our episodes with your friends, and we're continuing to get good stuff lined up for the next few months!


RERUN: Our Buddy, Skipper George, S03 E16

November 10th, 2015

This week in "Jungle Rerun Theater", Skipperette Jen takes the helm for a rerun of one of her favorite episodes, our interview with the incredible Skipper George Trullinger. (and his plucky co-interviewee, Skipper Fred Eich.)

We're back next week with another new episode!

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