A Script for the Ages, pt 2; S05 E10

November 17th, 2015

So, today’s guest is the second half of our sit down with Skipper Joel Halberstadt. We chat about his time as a Skipper in the late 60’s, but this time we dig more into his time in Imagineering. Joel’s first episode really has resonated with Skippers, and I have had a lot of great commentary about his first episode.

I hope everyone is enjoying the content this fall. I feel like we've had some really incredible episodes, and have also broadened our base. Thanks for continuing to share our episodes with your friends, and we're continuing to get good stuff lined up for the next few months!

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RERUN: Our Buddy, Skipper George, S03 E16

November 10th, 2015

This week in "Jungle Rerun Theater", Skipperette Jen takes the helm for a rerun of one of her favorite episodes, our interview with the incredible Skipper George Trullinger. (and his plucky co-interviewee, Skipper Fred Eich.)

We're back next week with another new episode!
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A Script for the Ages, pt 1; S05 E09

November 3rd, 2015

Hey there Skips and Skipperettes!

Lots of big news in the world of the Jungle. It looks like the Jungle Cruise will be closing in January for a rehab, and it will be down until early May to get new docking systems and safety devices. More on this can be found at our Facebook page. (Facebook.com/JungleCrews)
Also, we have wrapped up our Kickstarter for our card game, Jungle Rummy. We had nearly 200 backers pledging for 300 decks of the game. We are so excited at the response, and we'll be shipping in December. Lots of lessons learned, and we'll be doing more exciting stuff like this down the road.
Today's guest is Skipper Joel Halberstadt, and his time in the Jungle during the late 60's and early 70's was impactful to the direction of the Jungle Cruise to say the least. We had a great time chatting with him, and this is the first of a 2 part interview. 
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A Broom With A View; S05 E08

October 19th, 2015

A couple of times a year, we break format to try something new, or to interview people outside of our Jungle sphere of influence. Today we sit down with the hosts of The Sweep Spot podcast. They have written a new book called "Cleaning the Kingdom", and it's a really interesting read. (available HERE) They come on to help share the perspective of the Custodial cast member, and their favorite stories.

So, October is almost over, and with it the Kickstarter campaign for Jungle Rummy is nearly over! CLICK HERE to help us fund this amazingly fun game, that has it's art rooted in the Age of Adventure that so many of our favorite stories is set in. This game has been a lot of fun to create, and if you back the campaign, you are helping to support the only Podcast that brings you this view of the Jungle that we do. And, if we're successful at making our stretch goals, we'll be able to deliver for the Holiday season, as well as have some good momentum to create more games in the future. Take a peek at it, and consider helping us continue to bring you a very unique bunch of content in the sea of so many podcasts of similar content.
Thanks! We have the best fans, and we really are grateful for the support.
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RERUN: Boobs; Insult to Injury, pt 1: S03 E03

October 13th, 2015

Skipper Laura Huff is without a doubt the most fun, engaging, and beautiful Skipper we have ever had on the podcast. (And, I swear she didn't pay me to say that.) I adore this girl, and we have so become online best buddies since this episode. Laura was one of the first "LadySkips" from 1995, and she has the Skipper personality burned into her blood.

So, this is our standard "repeat episode" from the every-other week rotation. Next week we'll have fresh blood, but...
That's right! You've heard about it! We can't shut up about it! There's only 17 days left to get your very own copy of the card game that is literally sweeping dozens off their feet. We've got Jungle inspired art, hippos galore, easy to play rules, and a game that is fun to play with friends over adult beverages. If you like the bloodthirstiness of Uno, this game is for you! We are $700 away from a big stretch goal, and we need your help. Also, we'll be shipping for Christmas, so head on over and say hi.

We'll keep you all up to date in the upcoming 2 weeks. 
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David Koenig’s LawsuitLand, pt 2; S05 E07

October 6th, 2015

We're back, and this week we're bringing you part 2 of our sit down with famed author David Koenig, author of the new "The People vs Disneyland" book, which details the lawsuits that have made Disneyland what it is today. It's a really engaging read, and as always David is an exciting guest. I really enjoy his insights into the parks.

We also are happy to announce that our Kickstarter for Jungle Rummy has funded! (In 45 hours after the launch, nonetheless.) This project has been so much fun, and we created a game that our playtesters and reviewers seem to really be enjoying. We are hoping to make an early December ship date, and we have some super fun rewards over on the Kickstarter site. So, head on over and support your podcast, as well as getting a fun game that will be the perfect alternative to other casual card games like Uno. (and if it's not your cup of tea, please feel free to share with all your Jungle loving friends, and people who love card games...)
Click Here- Kickstarter! 
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Jungle Rummy Card Game Kickstarter!!!

September 27th, 2015

We are crazy for not just the Jungle, but the entire Age of Adventure, the time from 1890-1920. The world was still a vast mystery, and explorers went out and found new and mysterious lands, animals, and cultures. The world hung on their exploits, and 100 years ago their explorations changed the world.

We created a casual card game for 2-4 players that has the feel of that Age of Adventure. Featuring artwork that is reminiscent of that era, and the Jungle Skippers, this game may have it's roots in Gin Rummy and Uno, but it has a huge twist that makes it a unique and new take on these classic games.
Our Kickstarter campaign to bring this game to you will go live on October 1st, and we need your support to bring this game to the fans of the podcast. (and fans of games. Fans of hippos. Fans of fans. They do keep us cool, you know.)
So, click on THIS LINK and head over to our Kickstarter page to take a look at what we've got in store, and to pledge your support to the game. Any money left over after the game is printed will go to continue to grow your friendly neighborhood podcast, and to make even more exciting products down the road.
You can also click on THIS LINK or THIS LINK or THIS LINK. They all go to the exact same place, but I want you to feel like you have a choice.
Thanks for the continued support of the podcast, and we'll see you in the Jungle!
Skipper Kyle

David Koenig’s LawsuitLand, pt 1; S05 E06

September 22nd, 2015

Hey there, Adventurers! This may be our biggest week ever on the podcast. Not only is the illustrious David Koenig rejoining us to chat about his book "The People vs Disneyland", (and it's a great pair of episodes), but we also are very proud to announce the Kickstarter project for our card game "Jungle Rummy". It's going to be going live on October 1st, and details about this super fun game can be found at Facebook.com/JungleCrews or over at Kickstarter on the 1st. (Just search Jungle Rummy.) It's a super fun casual card game, the sort of thing you've played with friends over a couple of drinks, or when you were growing up... a mix of gin rummy, Uno, and hearts, with a super fun scoring twist that is unique to our game. It's a LOT of fun, and we think you're going to enjoy the mix of the art style and the gameplay.

Keep tuned for more updates, and join us over on Facebook or Twitter. (@SkipCast)
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RERUN: The Training Buddy, Pt 2; S02 E20

September 15th, 2015

2 weeks ago we put up the first half of this episode, my chatting with Skipper, friend, and training-buddy Skipper Greg Reilly. We chat about the magic time of 2003, our time in the Jungle, and some of our fun stories...

We are 3 weeks away from Jungle Rummy's Kickstarter launch, and we are starting to get great reviews from our preview copies that have gone out. It's the perfect Age of Adventure themed beer-and-pretzels card game for people who enjoy the bloodthirstiness of Uno, but want to see pretty pictures of hippos on the cards. We'll be flooding social media when the campaign goes live.
Stay cool, Adventurers! The fall is coming!
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the Darling of the Jungle, Pt 2

September 8th, 2015

This week we finish up our conversation with Skipper Danielle Ernest, and her unconventional way she found her way into the Jungle... We had a lot of fun chatting, and her website (DisneyDarlings.net) is absolutely a fantastic blog. 

We also chat a bunch at the start of our podcast about our Kickstarter campaign that is starting up in just a month. (give or take.) For more details, keep your eye peeled here, and over at Facebook.com/JungleCrews
More exciting news and podcasts will keep coming in the following weeks. Now, Hit It, Skip!
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