RERUN: Adventures in Editing; S02 E12

February 3rd, 2015

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As we said last week, we are going to start re-posting older episodes in the off-weeks in between new episodes. This one is one of my favorites.

Skipper Adam Tyler is one of those guys that everyone likes, and that makes me hate him. Hate him with a fiery passion that has helped me think of him as a good friend. He's one of those guys who was always chirpy and positive on the dock, and who was a joy to work with. I drove down to Temecula to sit down with him, and we made the mistake of trying to tape when a motorcycle rally decided to spontaneously erupt. So, lots of fun editing, but stay for the story of how he met his wife in the Jungle, it's worth it all. 
See you guys in a week with another new episode!
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