RERUN: Boobs; Insult to Injury, pt 1: S03 E03

October 13th, 2015

Skipper Laura Huff is without a doubt the most fun, engaging, and beautiful Skipper we have ever had on the podcast. (And, I swear she didn't pay me to say that.) I adore this girl, and we have so become online best buddies since this episode. Laura was one of the first "LadySkips" from 1995, and she has the Skipper personality burned into her blood.

So, this is our standard "repeat episode" from the every-other week rotation. Next week we'll have fresh blood, but...
That's right! You've heard about it! We can't shut up about it! There's only 17 days left to get your very own copy of the card game that is literally sweeping dozens off their feet. We've got Jungle inspired art, hippos galore, easy to play rules, and a game that is fun to play with friends over adult beverages. If you like the bloodthirstiness of Uno, this game is for you! We are $700 away from a big stretch goal, and we need your help. Also, we'll be shipping for Christmas, so head on over and say hi.

We'll keep you all up to date in the upcoming 2 weeks. 
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