RERUN: Jungle Crews Radio Play Xmas

December 15th, 2015

So, I had the best of intentions to get a new episode up today, but I think I jinxed myself by saying in the last episode that I would. I had a 10 day bout of the crud that also had a bonus of laryngitis, so I couldn't record anything without sounding like I was a tree frog huffing helium. I'm better, but I am working on getting a new episode up for next week... 

Until then, here's a little episode that is our holiday tradition. 2 years ago we wrapped up our Jungle Crews Radio Plays with this Holiday special, a visit with Skipper Gary London and his chum Skippy, as they learned the true meaning of XMas. It's full of copyright infringement and intellectual plagiarism, but there's some good jokes along the way. I hope you guys enjoy, and here's to the copious amounts of alcohol I will ingest as I make a speedy recovery! 
XMas Kungalooshes,
Skipper Kyle
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