RERUN: Pretzels, Beer, and Two Hams; S02 E21

March 10th, 2015

It's our off-week again, and this week I wanted to go back and revisit one of the most fun episodes I had the chance to tape. Skipper Matt Nerrie was the perpetual "Boy of Summer" during the time I was at Jungle in the early 00's, and besides being an incredibly charming and fun interview, he's also recently(ish) become a father. I was going through some old episodes deciding what to put up this week, and listening to the first few minutes really brought home to me how much fun I was having with the podcast 2 years ago. (I still am, it was just good nostalgia...) 

So, next week is a huge episode for us, so stay tuned for the biggest surprise we could give you... A trip back to the birth of the Jungle Cruise.
Skipper Kyle
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