Welcome Nerdists; The Friend of Disney; S04 E04 RERUN

February 4th, 2015

So, this morning, much to my surprise, we had a lovely shout-out to our podcast on The Nerdist podcast. They had been asking for events to promote, and as a 4+ year fan of the show, I never expected to have them pick our podcast for their first Events shout-outs. So, after gratefully thanking Chris and Kyle for the promotion, I realized that the last 2 episodes weren't going to be very accessible to new listeners. So, here's a rush-bonus episode with a new intro, just for all of our new listeners. 

We've been doing this for 90 episodes, and we have a ton of interviews scheduled for this year. Our current update schedule is every-other Tuesday with a new episode, and a rerun on the Tuesdays in between. We are over on Facebook.com/JungleCrews, and we also can be downloaded on iTunes and Stitcher radio. Over on Twitter, it's @SkipCast, and we always love to hear your comments at JungleCrews@gmail.com.
Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy, and please watch your head and step as you enter the boat. If you miss your step and hit your head, please watch your language. Well, this isn't a podcast for kids, so swear if you want.
Skipper Kyle
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