RERUN: Borrowed Content; S04 E10

June 6th, 2018

So, during the course of the 6 year run of the podcast, I got asked to be on a number of different other podcasts. (The podcast game is a lot of the same people being traded around to everyone's shows to try to help build listenerships...) Luckily, the show I wound up doing in this episode was one where I was able to get to know the hosts, and have a good time. The Sweep Spot Podcast is a pair of Custodial CM's who have a very "broom's eye" view of the resort, and they have been around nearly as long as I have. The sad thing is that this was the second time we taped this particular episode, and the first one had audio quality issues, so we had to re-record.

<<Originally published December 9th, 2014>>

Hey there, Adventurekateers,

It's that time of year again... Rerun season. But, this one is new to most of you. I did a little interview over on a podcast called "The Sweep Spot", and they were generous enough to let me rebroadcast it here on the SkipCast Network. (December, always a tough month for us to put up content, but I love the ex-custodial guys over at TSS, and I had a great time doing a podcast with them...)

RERUN: The Art of Being a Skipper, pt 2; S04 E09

May 25th, 2018

The second half of my chat with Skipper Matt Leiker


<Original text from November 24, 2014>

Hey there, Jungle Fans! 

 Here's the second half of our great chat with Skipper Matt Leiker. We chat a bit more about his time at Disney, but also about his art. His website is, and he does some really amazing images. Have a great week, and let us know what you think in the comments...

RERUN: The Art of Being a Skipper, pt 1; S04 E08

May 23rd, 2018

Hey there, Adventurers!

The time machine occasionally has a few glitches, so apologies on the late episode. This episode we sit down with Skipper Matt Leiker. It was a fun interview for me because Matt and I have a few things in common outside of the Jungle Cruise. This is part 1 of 2. I hope you are all enjoying the run through the old episodes. It's crazy we are more than half way done now.


<Original post from November 11, 2014>

Welcome back, everyone! 

 Sorry about the sporadic updates. The fall and winter is a really hard time for us to line up interviews, and it has been every year. But, I think we're good through the end of 2014.
This week's episode is a chat with Skipper Matt Leiker. Matt was at Disneyland from 1990 to 96, and has a really great perspective as a Skip, trainer, lead, and general Disney enthusiast. I had a great time chatting with him, and going back through his memories. Part 2 will be up in 2 weeks.
Thanks again, everyone, and enjoy the episode!

RERUN: Two Non-Dons, pt 2; S04 E07

May 15th, 2018

The second half of our interview with Skipper Wayne Manuel and Patrick O'Brien... 


<<Originally posted October 21st, 2014>>


RERUN: The Two Non-Dons, pt 1; S04 E06

May 11th, 2018

Skipper Wayne Martin was one of the first big fans of the show who reached out to us, and he has continued that amazing support for the 7 years since the podcast launched. He has always been such a great fan, that we wanted to make sure he joined us on the show. He is joined by his friend Skipper Patrick O'Brien, a fantastic gentleman, Skip, and musician. 


<<Copied from the original episode post, September 30, 2014>>

Here we go, my friends, another week of podcast goodness...

This week, we break our 2.5 month tradition of only having guys named "Don" on the podcast. We sit down with Skipper Wayne Martin and Skipper Pat O'Brien to chat about their time at Disneyland in the 80's and 90's... What follows is a barrage of Disney trivia, stories of the parks, and the kind of good natured discussion you've come to expect from us here at the Worldwide Leaders in Adventure... 
This is the first half, and the next will be up in 2 weeks. Hope your fall is starting off as well as ours is!

RERUN: The Friend of Disneyland, pt 2; S04 E05

May 5th, 2018

The second half of our interview with Skipper Don Bobbs, recorded live in Santa Barbara, CA, and released September 16th, 2014.


RERUN: The Friend of Disneyland, pt 1; S04 E04

May 1st, 2018

This episode was a hidden gem, as I didn't really understand the history that Skipper Don Bobbs had under his belt until the interview started, and then it just kept unfolding like a lotus of amazing memories. Don was a fixture at the Jungle for a very long time, and so many people reached out to me after this interview to share their stories of him. This interview turned into one of my very favorite ones of the 6 year run, and is one of the first episodes I point new listeners to.


(Copied text from the original episode posting, September 2nd, 2014)

Wow, is this week's episode a doozie. Skipper Don Bobbs is with us, recounting highlights from his 16 years at Disneyland, starting in 1968. That's right, the 60's. We're getting historical and hysterical this week. Don was a guest favorite, and since the time I started this podcasts, I had requests from many to have him on the show. I'm super excited to have him, and it was a great interview.

On another note, I finally invested in a wind screen for my microphone and better noise reduction, so even though it's outside, it's a lot better audio quality. Let me know if you think so. Part 2 of this will be up on Sept 16th.

RERUN: 18 Inches to Glory, the Don Chapman Story, pt 3; S04 E03

April 27th, 2018

The final episode of our three parter with legendary Skipper Don Chapman. 


RERUN: 18 Inches to Glory, the Don Chapman Story, pt 2; S04 E02

April 24th, 2018

The second half of my conversation with the legendary Don Chapman...

(The following is the original descriptin of the episode from August 2nd, 2014)

Hey there everybody! Welcome back. This is the second part of our three part episode with Don and Lois Chapman. Of course, you're probably reading this because you've already heard the first part, so I won't belabor the point...

The response from our first episode with Don has been fantastic, and we've picked up so many new subscribers and listeners! Thanks, everyone, we've got a lot of great interviews coming for you this year. 
See you on August 19th for part 3 of this great series.

RERUN: 18 Inches To Glory, the Don Chapman Story; S04 E01

April 20th, 2018

Each generation of the Jungle, there is a Skipper and a Lead that epitomizes that era. For the 00's it was Gerry York. For many people in the recent era, it was Jasen Lewis. For the late 90's, only one name mattered... Don Chapman. Don was a force of nature at the Jungle Cruise, and every interview with any Skipper even close to his era included Don stories. I was lucky enough to get to spend nearly 4 hours recording with him, and got so many great stories. One of my "long term goals" was always to go back and edit myself out a litle bit and condense this into a single hour with a little tighter feel, but this was already edited heavily and is the first of 3 episodes with Don. 

(The following is the original episode description for this episode, posted July 22, 2014)

Damn, that is one long episode name. But, if there's another Skipper we could get on the show who epitomizes the Jungle Cruise experience better, it's not clear to me who that is.

Skipper Don Chapman and his wife, Lois, sat down with me for a whole 2 hours for a trip down the River of Memories. Don was a fixture at the Jungle for nearly 2 decades, and was at Disneyland from 1981 to 2003. Stories of his no-nonsense style were passed down even after he left the park. He was held in the highest regard by his co-workers, and it was such an incredible pleasure chatting with him. 
We've got 3 whole episodes with Don, and we'll have more good stuff coming in September. Our 4th year promises to be amazing, and we're looking forward to lots of great Jungle Goodness. Let us know what you thought of the episode. 

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