Episode 2: Cher and Cher Alike; The Family That Jokes Together, Sticks Together

September 2, 2011

Greetings out there in Internet Land, and Kungaloosh to all of you Adventurers... This is the second half of our Podcast with Skippers Benny and Kaz. So, a few things here. First of all, we have just moved from where we taped the first half of the Podcast, and there is a big exhaust fan that I didn't think would be as loud in the taping as it is. So, chalk it up to inexperience, and I'm sorry. We edited it down, and it is better than it was. Secondly, we had about a minute that didn't get recorded that we thought had, so here's the set up... We had just started a discussion about 9/11, and about the way that Disneyland reacted to the attacks, both on an operational and emotional level. That kind of sets it up for Episode Two, which I am calling Cher and Cher alike... or The Family that Jokes Together, Sticks Together.

I am working on booking more episodes, and have 5 different potential tapings I am juggling. I am hoping to have another one up next week, but 2 weeks would be worst-case scenario. Thanks for listening, and I promise the audio quality will get better from here on out. I learned a LOT in the last 2 weeks. Spread this around to your Disney friends, and I hope you are having as much fun with this as I am...

Skipper Kyle