Season 5: Quick Links

March 23, 2020
Our 5th year of Skippertainment is here! Our biggest and best year of Jungle podcast magic1
Episode 1: A Stand Up Gal, Pt 1; S05 E01 (Skipper Jen Chavez)
Episode 2: A Stand Up Gal, Pt 2; S05 E02 (Skipper Jen Chavez) 
Episode 3: Sullivan's Travels; S05 E03 (Skipper Bill "Sully" Sullivan)
Episode 4: The Darling of the Jungle, Pt 1; S05 E04 (Skipper Danielle Ernest)
Episode 5: The Darling of the Jungle, Pt 2; S05 E05 (Skipper Danielle Ernest)
Episode 6: David Koenig's LawsuitLand, Pt 1; S05 E06 (David Koenig returns)
Episode 7: David Koenig's LawsuitLand, pt 2; S05 E07 (David Koenig returns.)
Episode 8: 
A Broom With A View; S05 E08 (The Sweep Spot Podcast hosts)
Episode 9: A Script for the Ages, pt 1; S05 E09 (Skipper Joel Halberstadt)
Episode 10: A Script for the Ages, pt 2; S05 E10 (Skipper Joel Halberstadt)
Episode 11: An Upstanding Skipper; S05 E11 (Skipper Alex Elkin)
Episode 12: The Weather Report; S05 E12 (Skipper Rob Ferre)
Episode 13: Three Waterlogged Skippers; S05 E13 (Skippers Tom Halligan and Jeff Rhodes)
Episode 14: Ri-Know What You Did Last Summer; S05 E14 (Skipper Raisa)
Episode 15: The Double Derail, pt 1; S05 E15 (Skippers Kellie York and Amanda Taylor)
Episode 16: The Double Derail, pt 2; S05 E16 (Skippers Kellie York and Amanda Taylor)
Episode 17: The Surprise Prize; S05 E17 (Jungle Rummy Supporters Michael and Grace)
Episode 18: The April Fools Prank
Episode 19: Catching up with the Skipperette; S05 E19 (Skipperette Jen Chavez)
Episode 20: Swimming Against the River, part 1; S05 E20 (Skipper Larry Kaml)
Episode 21: Swimming Against the River, part 2; S05 E21 (Skipper Larry Kaml)
Episode 22: Two A-Peeling Skippers, part 1; S05 E22 (Skippers Fred Martin and Jeff Bailes)
Episode 23: Two A-Peeling Skippers, part 2; S05 E23 (Skippers Fred Martin and Jeff Bailes)