Episode 4: Blue Monday

September 23, 2011

So here we go, the long awaited premiere of Skipper Trevor and Skipper Joey, live in front of the SkipCast microphone. (Grammatically I know it is "Microphones", but I only have one. It's a really nice one, though.) We had a lovely chance to sit down on an anonymous piece of grass and chat about their path to (and from) Jungle, and some of the fun they have had after.

I cover this in the podcast intro, but this episode is a bit more "adult", so no kiddies should be listening, ok? Skippers are known for their ribald humor, and their use of archaic terms like "ribald", and this time we get a little more loose with the "Disney Spirit". Actually, it may sound like we drank too many "Disney Spirits", but in fact it was just the drinks at Trader Sam's, which may or may not have any alcohol in them.

So, keep the faith, Internet Adventurers, and let your friends know about the podcast. We keep growing by leaps and bounds, and we will hit our first 1000 downloads sometime next week. (if you include iTunes.)

Thanks everyone, and Kungaloosh!

Skipper Kyle