Episode 5: Blue Tuesday

September 30, 2011

So, I apologize for the Interwebs. Sometimes it just doesn't understand that I am trying to put up a quasi-semi-professional podcast up on a semi-quasi-regular schedule...

This is part two of Skippers Trevor and Joey, and much like the first half it has the iTunes "explicit" tag attached to it. Just be aware this might be a good kiddie free episode.

We're on Twitster, or whatever it is called. Just follow us at @SkipCast and I promise to bake each and every one of you rice krispie treats.

Thanks for all the great support and promoting us to your friends. Drop us a line at JungleCrews@gmail.com, and let me know if you want to sit down and tell your Jungle Stories. Or just record a couple short stories in .WAV format and email them to me. I'll work on using them in upcoming episodes.

So here we go, just click already. And yes, the Aladdin's Oasis story is forthcoming in this episode.

Skipper Kyle