A Night and a Round Table; S02 E01

April 9, 2012

Season 2 of Tales From the Jungle Crews is finally here, and we've got a doozie to start out with. 8 skippers go in to the Thunderdome, one podcast comes out...

We also have big news! SkipCast Networks is officially a "thing", and our first affiliated Podcast is "Joey and Trevor Talk To Each Other"... Give it a listen at JoeyAndTrevor.Podbean.com, or over at Facebook.com/JoeyAndTrevor. We have one more new podcast debuting sometime in April... More on that soon.

Join us over at the SkipCast Facebook page at Facebook.com/SkipCastNetworks, and make sure you stay tuned for the next episode of TFJC where we premiere the Jungle Crews Radio Play! So much good stuff, you'd have to stick an ice pick in your ear to quiet the voices that are telling you how much good stuff it is.

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