Joey & Trevor pay a visit; S02 E04

July 26, 2012

Hey Skip-friends... Welcome back to Tales From The Jungle Crews...

This week we're doing something a little different. As many of you may, or may not know, this podcast isn't our only endeavor. Under the name "Skip Cast Networks", we actually produce and promote 4 different podcasts. The tie in is that they are all produced by skippers and have that skipper-centric view of life. The first two are the TFJC and JCRP, the radio play following the adventures of Gary London, Skipper Esquire.

Secondly is the newly blossomed Nerd 101. We take a 20 minute slice of a Nerd culture topic and explain it to the non-nerd. If you want to know the nuts and bolts about the Zombie phenomenon, or Firefly, or Doctor Who, we're the place to explain the basics to you. You can find that podcast on iTunes, under either Nerd101 or Skipcast.

But the other podcast we really love is by our friends Trevor Kelly and Joey Hurley. I worked with both these cats back on the river, and I am proud to say we've become friends over the years. Their podcast, Joey and Trevor Talk To Each Other has become a breakout on iTunes, making it onto the New and Noteworthy section. Usually they just talk random, and quite funny stuff, but this week they sat down with Skipper Kip from the Jungle Cruise, and the results were really great. It actually felt more like a TFJC episode, so I asked the guys if I could rebroadcast it so you all could hear it.

If you like the Joey and Trevor magic, find them on Facebook at, or search Joey and Trevor on iTunes.

As always, please find us on Twitter, @Skipcast. Also, some of you may have noticed we were gone for a week, and that is because our bandwidth charges have gone through the roof. We tripled our audience in July, and we're hitting nearly 4000 downloads a month. I waited as long as i could before doing this, but I put up a PayPal donation button on the page at If you love the show, and want to help me defer some of the costs, I'd love the help. As of last week we had 20,000 downloads in just about a year, and that's pretty damn special.

Ok, here we go... Joey and Trevor Talk to each other... a Very Special Episode of TFJC.