JC Radio Play: Ep 5; The Doom with a Pinata Tattoo

August 6, 2012

Man, that episode title is getting LONGER and LONGER!

Welcome back everyone. The Jungle Crews Radio Play is back! Episode 5, the Doom with a Pinata Tattoo.

This episode features Trevor Kelly as the fearless explorer Gary London, Joey Hurley as his sidekick Skippy, Jay Sabicer as Bob Smith, and a special thank you to Patrick Hall as "Harold The Yeti"... (We're excited about the Yeti cameo in this one.)

This episode was recorded in the middle of a fireworks show, literally, so there's some weird noises in there. But we can just pretend it was Jungle noises.

This Wednesday is the next SkipGather and 1 year Skip-niversary at Trader Sam's... August 8th, at 7pm. Join us for shenanagans.

Enjoy, and shoot us a message if you love the episode.