The Three Amigos: S02 E06

November 9, 2012

So, I make no bones about it... Joey Hurley and Trevor Kelly are two of the coolest cats I know. I find excuses to hang out with them, and to listen to their excellent Podcast, "Joey and Trevor Talk To Each Other", also hosted here on Podbean. So, it's no surprise that a year after we sat down for the first time, we're chatting again. This time about the synergy of the SkipCast brand, and other random Disney things.

So, technically this episode doesn't really have a lot of Jungle stuff in it. Heck, there's not even a ton of Disney related discussion. Still, we get to that in the second half of the episode where we chat with some more skippers, and Joey and Trev hang out for a while. Still, we had a fun time taping, and we hope you enjoy as well.

Oh, and this one definitely has an EXPLICIT tag on it, so no kids allowed. Also, remember to shoot us an EMail at, or visit us at We love doing this, hope you guys can keep on supporting us and sharing us with friends.

Skipper Kyle