Pretzels, Beer, and Two Hams; S02 E21

July 1, 2013

Whee! Vacation time is over, and TFJC is back! This episode is part one of like 5 or 6 episodes from my time in Seattle. We met with lots of Skips, drank lots of beers, and talked about a whole lotta stuff that needed to be edited out. What remains, this picked over carcass, is here for your listening enjoyment. 

Pretty much every episode from this Seattle escapade has well and earned it's "Explicit" tag from iTunes. So, beware, listen at your own caution. (And yes, all these episodes are more indulgent than they are historical... These guys are great friends I got to hang out with, and I had a freaking blast.)

This first episode is my lunch time with Matt Nerrie, we ate pretzels, drank beer, and were total hams. (In case you needed the title explained to you... ) Lots more fun and games are coming soon, so stay in touch, Skip-Fans...

Skipper Kyle