Descent Into Madness, pt 1; S02 E22

July 8, 2013

IT HAS BEGUN! (Play Mortal Kombat Music Here)

The second episode of my near-Epic Seattle trip, and this one is the first part of a three part episode with Skipper Mike Robles and Skipper Adam Rotella. 

So, normal warnings... This takes place in a bar, and while this episode is fairly tame, it goes downhill very fast in episode 2 and 3. This is not the Jungle Crews episode to start with, try Season 2 Episode 2 if you've never been here before. (But come back eventually, this one is great.) I'd say you should listen to episode 21 before you hear this one, but you're a grown adult. I don't tell you when you can come and go, or who you can or can't have in your room... But would it hurt you to be a little nicer to your Mother, and do your own dishes every once in a while? 

Ok, so... Here it is. It took me 2 years to get to a point where I could do this group of episodes, and it's totally worth it... Enjoy, even if it is a pile of self-indulgent tripe and more about us hanging out than it is about the history of the fantastic Disneyland attraction we know and love.

If you love it, (or think it sucks) Email me...