Westside Attractions Reunion, Part 1: S02 E27

August 13, 2013

So, on August 3rd, there was a little get together with about 120 Westside attractions CM's from the 80's and early 90's. It was a pleasure to go and capture some history, and tonight is part 1. I sit down with Skipper Phil and Skipper Cisco and we chat about the Jungle of the bygone era... Lots of fun, and good people. It was nice meeting so many of those who have come before me.

Also, some sad news. (and I touch on this more in the episode) We lost one of our own on Sunday. Skipper Mark "Sumo" Sagato was a Skip from the mid-90's, and worked in a lot of places around the park. He was my trainer at DCA, which was where I met him, and we got to have an on-and-off sort of friendship. Mark passed away of a coronary incident early on the morning of the 11th. He's one of those people who touch lives greatly, so I dedicated a bit of the intro of the show to him. If you knew Mark, or even if you didn't, please visit WeLoveSumo.Yolasite.com and make a donation to support his girlfriend in making arrangements and in putting together a memorial to him. It would mean a lot to me if the audience of the show can help me get behind this.

Thanks, everyone... We'll be back next week, and the week after that is our 2nd anniversary show!

Skipper Kyle