(RERUN) Jungle Crews Radio Play Episode 1

September 10, 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry to do a re-run on you again, but I just moved apartments, and I wasn't able to tape and edit anything for this week. It's been a crazy fall, and with an upcoming wedding and honeymoon, I might have to do this a few more times.

So, about a year ago, I got an itching in my head to present something different. I had always loved the old style radio plays, like The Shadow, and there had been a few other radio plays that had come back on the scene recently. So, I took a few ideas from the Jungle Cruise Comic Book script I had written, and added in a lot of booze references. The result has been one of our most popular features, and one I hope to revisit soon. 

The key to everyone loving the Radio Plays so much is the great performances by Skippers Joey Hurley and Trevor Kelly of the "Joey and Trevor Talk To Each Other" podcast. These guys really bring Gary London and Skippy to life, and I am always thankful for them for everything they do.

We've had a lot of new listeners in the last 6 months, and some of you may not have discovered the Radio Plays. I hope this is a treat for you, as much as it has been for me. 

Kungaloosh, everyone, see you next week with a new episode. (Crossing fingers)