Boobs; Insult to Injury, Pt 1: S03 E03

September 23, 2013

We're back... So, in case you're fairly new to the podcast;

We try to publish a weekly episode on Tuesday mornings. For something like 14 weeks we had a pretty good run. I've got a few more episodes in the works, and a few recorded now, so hopefully we should be good until the end of October. THEN... I'm getting married on November 2nd, so we're going into a silent mode while I am on honeymoon. I've been told that all my computers and phones stay in California while we are out celebrating our new union and sitting on a warm beach working on our tans. (Because I am so white, I have to tan when the moon comes out, otherwise I burn...)

This week we chat with the charming and lovely Miss Skipper Laura. She was at the resort in the middle of the turbulent 90's, and we get a view of what the park was like when the big Eisner changes were taking place. It's a bit more insightful and pointed than we usually get, but variety is the spice of life. We'll have more stories about shooting parrots out of cannons and peeing in the Jungle soon, I am sure.

I hope you all enjoy, this was a fun episode. Lots of great and big episodes coming down the pipe soon.

Skipper Kyle, Esq