(Fixed) More fun with Tim and Sue: S03 E06

October 17, 2013

Hey Adventurekateers, another new episode! Rejoice! 

We're back for seconds with SueBee and Tim Meltreger, and we get more into the state of affairs for women in the 80's and 90's at Disneyland, as well as more great memories and a more name drops than there have been shot hippos. It's a fun episode, and I know we have a LOT of new listeners, so I hope you all are having fun reliving the memories. Thanks for coming to Tales From The Jungle Crews, the Gold Standard in Jungle Cruise podcasts. (At least I didn't use the term "Skippertainment" this week...)

See you all next week with a brand new Jungle Crews Radio Play and the return of Gary London, Skipper, Esquire.

(Sorry guys, we had a glitch on the upload of the episode, and this is fixed and the episode is working as it should be. - Kyle)