Jungle Cruise Radio Play, Pt 6: Pinatas of the Carribean; Doom Man’s Chest (fixed)

October 21, 2013
(Hey everybody... We had a little glitch and we uploaded the uncut version of the episode. We've pulled it down, and reloaded a correctly edited version. Sorry about the second issue... At some point, everybody falls into the river.)

Hey everybody! Skipper Gary is back!

About a year ago, we decided we wanted to play around in the world of the Jungle Cruise skipper, and that's when Gary London, Skipper, Esquire was born. Gary and his companion and copilot Skippy starred in 5 of their own serialized adventures last year. We kind of thought the world had moved on from their snappy wit and alcohol fueled jokes, but over the last year, we've received a half a dozen emails a month from people who wanted to see them make a return. We've even had contributions to our PayPal link on our page, specifically requesting more JCRP episodes. 

So, with great fanfare, this week we bring you the return of Gary London, in "Pinata's of the Carribean, Doom Man's Chest" If you haven't experienced the first 5 episodes, it's fine... this is a fairly good stepping off point.

Here's the links to all the episodes:

We'd love to hear your thoughts about the Jungle Cruise Radio plays... drop us an Email over at JungleCrews@Gmail.com

And finally, a little reminder. We have just one more episode left for this year, another Jungle Cruise Radio Play. I have a ton of recording to do with skips, but I have a wedding, a honeymoon, and then I'm going off on a mysterious deep sea diving expedition for the entire month of December. So, we'll be recording a lot of episodes to carry us into the new year, and we'll be re-mastering the sound quality and putting out re-runs all holiday season. But, fear not, new episodes will return, every tuesday, starting in January.

Thanks, everyone, for your support, and in return, I give you... a year in the making... The Jungle Crews Radio Players, Joey Hurley, Trevor Kelley, and Skipper Kimberly P present... The Jungle Crews Radio Plays, "Pinata's of the Carribean, Doom Man's Chest"... Kungaloosh, everyone!