Orlandofornia Dreaming, S02, E13 (Audio Remastered)

January 9, 2014

Slowly but surely, we're cleaning up the audio on the Skype episodes that have right/left dialogue. Sorry it's taken so long.

If you haven't noticed it yet, we've got a new webpage! Cleaned up, and with clever organizational tools to make finding episodes easier. Let us know what you think.

Also, the Holidays were rough for us. After my wedding and Honeymoon, we were smack in the middle of the Holiday season, and I had a hard time locating Skips to sit down with. I've got a bunch of leads out, and I am sure we'll be back in the saddle soon with new episodes. 

Finally, the best way to get more episodes is to share us with your friends. Most of our interviews have happened because of referrals from listeners, so please share us with people who might be interested. It's always a good way for us to grow. 

Thanks again for a fantastic 2013, and we've got more Skippertainment on hand for 2014.