30 Years of WDW Greatness; S07 E04

March 8, 2020

Howdy, everyone! It's been a rough and wild holiday season and start to the new year. I forgot how working retail drains me during Thanksgiving/Xmas, and how no one wants to record podcasts during that time. 

Well, we are back in the swing of things, and have interviews set for the next few weeks. This one is a special one that took us a solid 2.5 years to set up. Skipper Jeff Lessel has been on my "get list" since 2015 or so, and I was so happy when he became available to record with us. For those of you who are not WDW acquainted, Jeff was a Skip from 1989 for about 20 years, and then he moved over to the Hall of Presidents for 10 years. He was a MK fixture, and has taken as many trips as nearly any Skipper in WDW history. 

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