A Piece of Pie and some Coffee; S03 E10

March 17, 2014

Aaaaand, we're back, as promised.

We've got a few episodes in the bag now, and more tapings set, so we'll be back onto at least a bi-monthly schedule. Thanks, everyone, for hanging in there with us.
For St Patrick's Day Weekend, I was invited to another big Skipgather out near Topanga Canyon (where I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16...) with about 30 former cast members. Most were Jungle Cruise Skips at some time during their time at the park, and I had a great opportunity to listen to some fun stories, and to watch some of the great videos that were made at the time. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to come to events like this, and it's wonderful to see the enthusiasm and love that happens with Jungle Cruise Skips, even 30+ years after they worked at Disneyland. 
Today's episode is the first of three. Skipper Ed Cunningham is a long time friend of the show, and someone we've tried to have on for over a year. It was nice to finally get the chance to chat on a microphone. Skipper Dave Champagne (and his pie) also joined the conversation, and we got to have some fun recalling the days of their Disney time. Both great guys, and a fantastic start to the day I got to spend among an amazing group of people. I was genuinely humbled, and that's not something that happens often with me.
See you all in 2 weeks for the next episode! -Kyle