David Koenig’s LawsuitLand, pt 1; S05 E06

September 22, 2015

Hey there, Adventurers! This may be our biggest week ever on the podcast. Not only is the illustrious David Koenig rejoining us to chat about his book "The People vs Disneyland", (and it's a great pair of episodes), but we also are very proud to announce the Kickstarter project for our card game "Jungle Rummy". It's going to be going live on October 1st, and details about this super fun game can be found at Facebook.com/JungleCrews or over at Kickstarter on the 1st. (Just search Jungle Rummy.) It's a super fun casual card game, the sort of thing you've played with friends over a couple of drinks, or when you were growing up... a mix of gin rummy, Uno, and hearts, with a super fun scoring twist that is unique to our game. It's a LOT of fun, and we think you're going to enjoy the mix of the art style and the gameplay.

Keep tuned for more updates, and join us over on Facebook or Twitter. (@SkipCast)