RERUN: And the Banda Played On; S03 E13

March 23, 2018

Originally aired April 29, 2014

We are so chock full of Skippertainment today. We've got Jungle Jesse himself on the podcast! Back to the late 90's and early 00's for a fun romp through pop culture where we discuss cosplay, the mating habits of Disney waterfowl, the future of Disneyland, and some great Jungle stories. (This one is the first episode in a year to get the "Explicit" tag, but it's not too bad...)

New Notes: So, this episode name was one of the very few times I was ashamed that I couldn't figure out a better pun or title for the episode. Jesse deserved better. He's also still a heck of a nice guy, and I am really happy that our paths crossed so many years ago.