RERUN: Blue Tuesday; S01 E05

April 18th, 2017

Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!

So, if you have been around the podcast for any length of time, you know we run into these "lulls" where we have a hard time lining up guests for the show. I'm working on a few for the future, but I am also going on vacation from April 23rd to May 7th. I'll be putting up reruns for the next 3 weeks, and working to get new episodes up as soon as possible. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the Jungle Cruise movie news... I personally think Dwayne is a great choice for the lead of this movie, and some of my 'backstage magic" details that I know have made me very hopeful for the film. We have 2 more years to wait, but we'll keep you up to date on all the details as we learn them.

Kungaloosh, everyone! I'll see you when I get back from Hawaii, tanned and relaxed.

Skipper Kyle

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