RERUN: Boobs; Insult to Injury, pt 1; S03 E03

January 26th, 2018

This episode holds a very close spot to my heart. Skipper Laura Huff was not only an amazing Skipper, and one of the first 4 ladies to become a Skip in 1995, but since this taping she has become one of the closest and dearest friends that I have. There's an amazing bond that happens with Skips, even if you were a different generation, and this lady is amazing.

The episode was a solid two parter as well, and I feel like we got a lot of the Eisner era changes in this episode, and what it was like working in the mid 90's. A lot of name dropping of other amazing people who worked on the rivers, but just a solidly fun episode, and one of my first Skype interviews that didnt have audio issues.

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