RERUN: Doctor Stephanie Grace, Attorney at Law; S04 E16

July 3rd, 2018

There are few people I enjoyed working with as much as this Skipper, and we've always had a lot to chat about since then. (We share a love of board gaming, for example...) This was a fun episode as a follow up to the more serious discussion of the prior episode, and while we did get off topic, it was worth the side journey.

<< Originally Published March 31st, 2015>>

It's that time again, Adventurers!

 This week we have the incredible Skipper Stephanie Grace with us for the first of her two part visit. I worked with the lovely Doctor starting back in 2006, and she was always a delight on the docks. I knew she had some great stories to tell, and after the last episode going so far back in time, I thought we could use a trip back to the future.
We'll see you back here in 2 weeks!
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