RERUN: Jungle Crews Radio Play XMas Episode

December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas, Adventurers! I hope your Jungle has Jingle, and that you are enjoying this most happy of seasons.

In doing the interviews about the Jungle Crews podcast, I am inevitably asked what episode is my favorite, or what I am proudest of. I know that it's not the thing that sticks out most to people, but we created this series of 8 "Radio Plays" that exist inside the Jungle Crews universe. Skipper Gary London (A thinly veiled tribute to Skipper Gerry York), and his friends got to go on adventures in a Jungle-like world that was brought to life by the voice talents of Skipper Trevor Kelly, Joey Hurley, and a host of supporting characters. We had a great time writing the scripts, but when it came to the Xmas episode, I really feel like we hit a home run. We were able to do the most with the sound effects and editing, and even threw in a bunch of in-jokes and references for our die-hard fans.

So, here it is, presented at Xmas for what is likely the last time. I hope everyone enjoys it.