RERUN: Our Buddy, Skipper George S03 E16

April 10, 2018

Skipper George Trullinger was an icon of his era. Not only is he currently a channeler of celebrity personality, (I understand that the term "impersonator" has fallen out of favor) but he also is a musician and a darn great guy. The people that worked with him speak of him with great reverence, and he showed his incredible character by taking a 1 hour break from his family when he was at Disneyland and coming over to Trader Sam's to record a podcast with us. The funny part was that Skipper Fred Eich just happened to be in the area and joined us, totally out of the blue. It led to a really fun episode with some very iconic Jungle stories.

(The following is the original posted description of the episode...)

Hey Adventurekateers, it's time for more Skippertainment! (Yeah, I know, I'm sorry about both of those words...)

So, this week we sit down with Skipper George Trullinger. Buddy Holly impersonator, competitive eater, and winner of the Newberry award for young readers. Well, one of those things, anyway... he's also an incredibly nice guy, and has more stories than we could ever cram into an hour long podcast. 
But we tried. For you. Because... You.