RERUN: Rai Know What You Did Last Summer; S05 E14

February 21, 2019

We still keep cranking out the hits, and it's hard to believe that this has been 3 years since I met Skipper Raisa. The only Skip I've known who has worked at all 6 US parks, and who has had such an amazing story to tell about her times with the company. She's super fun, and I'm always so happy when our paths cross. I hope you all enjoy...

So much going on at the SkipCast headquarters, can't wait to share all the news with you in March. (No clue when, still putting things together, lots of vaguery)

Originally Published February 9th, 2016

Such busy times here at SkipCast headquarters. Besides work on our new card game, Tales From The Jungle Crews; The Game, we are also busy lining up great interviews for your podcast pleasures. This week, we chat with Skipper Raisa, a recent departure from the docks of Orlando. But she's not just any Skipper. She's been a cast member at all 6 US parks, as well as the 2 water parks. She also has a super sharp wit and a lot of great views of the Jungle experience. We were super excited to finally get her onto the show. 

 Make sure you catch her YouTube channel, Lots of great Jungle and Disney videos!
Skipper Kyle out!