RERUN: That’s Skippertainment, pt 1; S03 E01

January 19th, 2018

Our first episode of our third season was our 39th episode, and it was unlike every interview we had put out so far. Skipper John Patrick joined me, as well as Skipper Joey Gassmann. To say that I had a LOT of negative feedback to this episode would be an understatement, and it was the only episodes that I have ever had so much email about. The funny thing was the basic tone of the emails, which all went something like this... 

"I can't believe you would have a podcast about Disneyland, and put someone on the show who was so strongly negative about working there..." 

I don't particularly think that John Patrick was over the top in that way, but he definitely had some strong criticisms about his time working at Disneyland. Since this episode, I've been able to get to know John a little bit on Facebook, and my respect for him has grown. I think that this was a strong start to our second season, and a really different episode for us. 

Oh, memories... 

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