RERUN: The Bicentennial Skipper, pt 1; S03 E14

March 27, 2018

Originally published May 13, 2014

So, this is the first of a two-part episode with Skipper Kevin Cavanaugh. Kevin worked in the Jungle in 1975 and 1976, and is the Skipper who worked at the Jungle the earliest in it's history, of all the people we've sat down with. We had a great chat about his time there, and it's amazing how so much of his story mirrors what we hear from people who trained at Disneyland 40 years after. 

New notes: Kevin Cavanaugh, in the 4 years since his interview, has been one of the most affable and amazing Skippers to have met and called a friend. I keep running into people from the same era that worked with him, and universally everyone remembers him with such fondness. Plus, he baked me an Irish Soda bread that was so incredibly good, and gave it to me as a welcoming gift to the podcast.