RERUN: The Coach, pt 1: S04 E13

June 15th, 2018

Hey Adventurers! Just a few updates as we reach the 2/3 point of our podcast re-run.

As soon as this is finished, which is probably sometime in the fall, we are probably going to continue some level of hosting the episodes. Still, we recommend that you download whatever you want to keep for posterity, because we don't know how long they will exist on the internets. With Skipper Kyle back at Disney, it's now a situation where we don't feel like we can create more Jungle Crews content without stepping on his work integrity and causing conflicts. So, enjoy, pass it around and share it, and keep supporting us at our Redbubble Skipper Store,


<<Original post from February 24, 2015>>

When I started sitting down with my friends and recording our Jungle stories, I never imagined I would some day venture back to the 1970's and hear stories of Disneyland around the Bicentennial and going into the early 80's. This week's episode is the first of two episodes with Skipper Kerry Iannazzo, who graced the docks from 1976-1985. When speaking with all of the other early 80's Skips, every one of them told me I needed to talk to Kerry. Not only does he have a great way with telling stories, but he just is an incredibly nice guy who I would have loved to have worked with. 30 years after he has left the park, and nearly 40 years after he hired in, this guy still has the Jungle Water flowing through his veins. 

 See you guys in 2 weeks for the next part of the interview!
Skipper Kyle
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