RERUN: The Fiancee In The Background: S02 E07

August 15, 2017

Wow, somehow I've not revisited this episode in 5 years. This is the second half of Joey and Trevor's last apparance on the Podcast, and it was the very first episode that my fiancee (at the time, now my wife) went along with me while I was recording. (Hence the title of the episode). It's so strange going back through and listening to Joey and Trevor now, after so long. Such great cats, I really miss the wild banter we had. 

For people who are new-er to the show, the first season and episodes like this were definitely before we found "Our voice" about what the podcast was about. It is an entertaining listen, but we don't delve into the depths of the Jungle Cruise experience the way we do in seasons 3 and on. Still, it's a fun bunch of guys, and a fun episode.