RERUN: The Friend of Disneyland, pt 1; S04 E04

May 1st, 2018

This episode was a hidden gem, as I didn't really understand the history that Skipper Don Bobbs had under his belt until the interview started, and then it just kept unfolding like a lotus of amazing memories. Don was a fixture at the Jungle for a very long time, and so many people reached out to me after this interview to share their stories of him. This interview turned into one of my very favorite ones of the 6 year run, and is one of the first episodes I point new listeners to.


(Copied text from the original episode posting, September 2nd, 2014)

Wow, is this week's episode a doozie. Skipper Don Bobbs is with us, recounting highlights from his 16 years at Disneyland, starting in 1968. That's right, the 60's. We're getting historical and hysterical this week. Don was a guest favorite, and since the time I started this podcasts, I had requests from many to have him on the show. I'm super excited to have him, and it was a great interview.

On another note, I finally invested in a wind screen for my microphone and better noise reduction, so even though it's outside, it's a lot better audio quality. Let me know if you think so. Part 2 of this will be up on Sept 16th.
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