RERUN: The Hipster Cowboy, pt 1; S03 E17

April 13, 2018

Skipper Chris Egan was (sort of) a contemporary of mine, as we overlapped in 2007 or so. At this point in the podcast history, we had just come off a long run of Skips from the 70's and 80's, and I wanted to have something "different" if I was going to feature Skips from the 00's. Chris definitely brought that, as he at the time was a current Knotts Berry Farm employee, and he was able to give us some interesting perspectives on working at both places.


(the following is the original post from the June 4th, 2014 episode description)

Hello out there to all the members of our Podcast family! Is it time for another podcast?  

This week we're chatting with a very recent JC cast member. Skipper Chris Egan was at the Jungle Cruise from '07 to '09. So why are we chatting with yet another member of the post-millennial Skipper generation? Well, it's because Chris is the first cast member we've had who also works at Knott's Berry Farm, and we get to chat about his experiences as free form roaming entertainment there. 
This one is part 1 of 2 episodes, and we'll have part 2 up on July 8th. After that, we should have a very special treat on tap for you, and I'm making all the last arrangements for a truly fantastic interview.