RERUN: The Three Amigos; S02 E06

August 9, 2017

So, early on there were these episodes where we talked with people from the Jungle Cruise, but they didn't necessarily talk *about* the Jungle Cruise. Joey and Trevor are two of the most wonderful guys I know, and this episode was part of a crossover-ish thing with their Podcast (now dead) "Joey and Trevor Talk to Each Other". Still one of the more enjoyable podcasts to go back to listen to, and these guys are always a pleasure to hang out with. 

Speakng of which, if you are around Anaheim on August 12th, 2017, we'll be at the Anaheim Brewing Company at 7pm for another round of "Skipper Standup". Come support our own Skipperette Jen Chavez, and a bunch of other great comedians and Skips.