RERUN: Three Waterlogged Skippers; S05 E13

February 9th, 2019

It's been a rainy start of the year in Southern California, and it reminds me of the time 3 years ago when I sat down with a pair of great Skips and we talked Jungle of yesteryear. Skipper Jeff Rhoads returned to the podcast with Skipper Tom Halligan and we talked a very interesting bit of Disney history with some really unique twists and turns for this podcast. Oh, and it was raining. Cats and dogs. So, some good throwbacks to the rainstorms and Jungle trips of the past... 

Originally Published January 26th, 2016

Welcome back for another episode of Skippertainment. This episode we taped in the middle of the biggest downpour that SoCal has seen in years, and Skippers Tom Halligan and Jeff Rhoads hung in there like troopers. Tom has a unique Disney story and an experience that really is a globetrotting perspective. I was happy to get a little wet to come see these great Skips.

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