RERUN: Two A-Peeling Skippers, pt 1; S05 E22

April 18, 2019

What can I say about Freddy Martin? This guy has blown up and has become a major presence in the Disneysphere recently. He hosts a podcast called The Themed Attraction podcast where he interviews Imagineers and designers of the places we love to play. (Search for it on all your Podcast providers.) He's been involved in the recent Adventureland Days, and he is an incredibly pleasant chap. He brought Skipper Jeff Bailes with him and we had a lovely picnic in the park and recalled their days at the WFJC. 

Originally Published on May 23rd, 2016

So, here's a little story...

About a year after we started the podcast, back in 2012, Skipper Fred Martin reached out to me and said he'd like to come onto the show. After 4 years of passing emails back and forth, and having scheduling issues, he grabbed Skipper Jeff Bailes, and we had a lovely picnic in the park and chatted about their time in the early 90's at Jungle.

 Very little story. But a nice one, no? We had a great time with this interview, and it has one of my favorite stories I have ever had told to me. (Hence the name of the episode)