RERUN: Two A-Peeling Skippers, pt 2; S05 E23

April 25, 2019

So, this rerun episode wraps up the 5th season of the TFJC podcast. The second half of our episode with Skipper Freddy Martin and Skipper Jeff Bailes. We had a great time with this, and you can see the greatness that is Freddy Martin as he takes his first podcast steps. 

Originally Published June 6th, 2016

Hey Adventurers!

Summer Vacation is here, and the podcast will be in re-runs for the next 5 weeks. To keep you entertained, we have one last new episode, the second half of our time with Skippers Fred Martin and Jeff Bailes. This contains one of my favorite Jungle Cruise stories ever, so take a listen.

 If you need more Jungle Love, make sure you swing over to for all of your Jungle news, photos, and vintage stories. (Curated by our very own Skipperette Jen...)

 See you all Mid July!- Skipper Kyle Esq