RERUN: Working For The Mouse; S04 E18

August 1st, 2018

So, this was a strange episode for me. It was a non-Skipper, from an era that I didn't know, and who was promoting his own project. (which I tried to be very particular when I promoted other people's stuff.) But Trevor Allen is a hell of a guy, and his show "Working for the Mouse" was one of the first one-man shows that I didn't secretly mock in my head while it was going on. He was really fun to chat with, and I was glad he joined the Jungle Crews family. He may not have been a Skip by job, but he was by attitude...

<< Originally posted April 10th, 2015>>


Ok, so a couple of days ago, I was alerted to a really cool one man show that is premiering in Los Angeles on Friday, April 10th, open until April 19th. I saw a bit of it, and I knew I had to have this guy on the show. It's a bit strange, because he is a non-Skipper, but his spirit is as much at home in the Jungle as it is wherever the costumed characters hang out... 
The show information is at, and if you are in the LA or Orange County area, I genuinely can endorse this show and recommend that you go see it.
Also, today was the launch day of Merchandise From The Jungle Crews. Art that is designed by Skippers, and is for anyone... We start off with 9 t-shirt designs that are a must have for any fashionable fan's collection. The shirts can be found here, at Merchandise From The Jungle Crews. We'll be adding new shirts and products as time goes on. This will help support the podcast, as well, so swing over and take a peek!
Thanks, everyone, and we'll see you soon.
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