Welcome to Adventure!

Well, welcome to a computer simulated audio account of Adventure, but it's pretty much the same thing, no?

The Tales From The Jungle Crews is a bi-monthly (and who isn't) podcast that will serve as an audio history for some of the wondrous, wacky, and wadventurous things that have happened on board Disneyland (and potentially Disneyworld's) Jungle Cruise. We'll be interviewing Skippers from the past, and looking at why this place was so incredible and wonderful.

Most of all we will state our long term goal: Kevin Costner and John Lasseter at some point will sit in front of our microphones.

For the legally minded: We are making no money off this, and never will. This is a labor of love, and a document of the family that was created after years and years of a magical place being in existence. We are part of the family with all those who have come before us, corporate or ride operator. (and Family doesn't sue Family)