Jungle Rummy Card Game Kickstarter

We are crazy for not just the Jungle, but the entire Age of Adventure, the time from 1890-1920. The world was still a vast mystery, and explorers went out and found new and mysterious lands, animals, and cultures. The world hung on their exploits, and 100 years ago their explorations changed the world.

We created a casual card game for 2-4 players that has the feel of that Age of Adventure. Featuring artwork that is reminiscent of that era, and the Jungle Skippers, this game may have it's roots in Gin Rummy and Uno, but it has a huge twist that makes it a unique and new take on these classic games.

Our Kickstarter campaign to bring this game to you went live on October 1st, 2015, and was funded in 45 hours. Eventually we made a 300% funding goal.

So, click on THIS LINK and head over to our Kickstarter page to take a look at what we put together, or head over to our page at The Game Crafter to order a Print-on-demand copy for the game. 


Any money left over after the game is printed will go to continue to grow your friendly neighborhood podcast, and to make even more exciting products down the road.

Thanks for the continued support of the podcast, and we'll see you in the Jungle!


Skipper Kyle