Jungle Rummy and King of the Skippers (Our card games)

May 17, 2019

We are crazy for not just the Jungle, but the entire Age of Adventure, the time from 1890-1920. The world was still a vast mystery, and explorers went out and found new and mysterious lands, animals, and cultures. The world hung on their exploits, and 100 years ago their explorations changed the world.

In 2105 and 2016 we created two separate Kickstarter campaigns to fund the first of our card game projects. 

The first is "Jungle Rummy". We created a casual card game for 2-4 players that has the feel of that Age of Adventure. Featuring artwork that is reminiscent of that era, and the Jungle Skippers, this game may have its roots in Gin Rummy and Uno, but it has a huge twist that makes it a unique and new take on these classic games.
Our second game was "King of the Skippers". A modern take on the old card game "El Presidente" or "A**hole", with art by the incredible Skipper Richard Wallace. This game had an amazing reception, and to date has sold something like 300 copies. (which is fantastic for print on demand) This game plays best with groups of 3-6, up to 8. 
New games have been worked on over the last couple of years, and we're hoping to have something in hand by the end of 2019 to show you as a brand new concept in Skippertainment.