Bag of Worms: S06 E03

September 5th, 2016

Wooh Golly! What a couple of weeks we have had. Our Kickstarter is off and running, and we are well on our way to funding. We have tons of exciting backer rewards, and the game has super great Jungle art. So, search Kickstarter for "King of the Skippers", or check out all the information on Facebook... 

Today's interview is a recent pair of lovebirds, Skippers David and Kelsey. They talk about life in the Jungle, relationship tips about how to keep your love alive at Disney, and we delve into a mysterious Jungle event, lost to the ages.

Thanks for all the support. We'll keep them coming, every 2 weeks.

The Curse of Super Successful Sean; S06 E02

August 23rd, 2016

Hey Skips and Skipperettes! 

Season 6 is here, and we're in the swing of our Fall Kickstarter. Starting August 26th, we are promoting "King of the Skippers", an amazing party card game with art that brings to life characters from our Jungle Crews Radio Plays. It's a super easy to learn game with a competitive edge that will appeal to players of games like Uno. We have fantastic stretch goals, and backer rewards, and can't wait to see you there. Join us at

Today's interview is with Skipper Matt Gambino. Matt turned his Jungle Cruise experience at WDW in the early 90's into a launchpad for his career, and he has some great insights about the college program and working Jungle. We had a super fun time chatting, and it's always great learning more about our East Coast cousins.

Keep your eyes peeled, everyone... We've got episodes lined up and lots of excitement during our Kickstarter. Can't wait to take this trip with you.

Skipper Kyle

Season 5 recap and Kickstarter Announcement!: S06 E01

August 15th, 2016

Hey there, Skips and Skipperettes, 

Welcome back from our Summer Vacation. We had a fun summer, and we hope you did too. We have a ton of interviews scheduled, but most importantly we have our fall Kickstarter launching on August 26th. King of the Skippers is a fun family friendly party card game for 4-8 people. We have amazing art, and the game is only an incredible $8 per deck. Lots and lots of great information over at Check it out, and thanks for your continued support.

This episode is a 10 minute recap of our Season 5, as well as updates on my Disneyland Paris visit and details on our Kickstarter. Lots of good info, as we get ready to plunge into Season 6.

Skipper Kyle

Season 6, coming soon…

August 1st, 2016

Hey Adventurekateers!

Well, we're just a few weeks away from new episodes, and I wanted to take a second and say thanks for supporting us during our summer break. 

The big news is that our next Kickstarter is going to be launching at the end of August. We're still finalizing the last of our plans, but we're excited that "King of the Skippers" will be coming soon. It's a light party card game, so if you enjoy Uno, or liked Jungle Rummy, this game is going to be perfect for you. It's going to have a price cheaper than a trip to Starbucks (with a pastry), so I know you're going to love it. 

We're working hard on getting our new episodes recorded, and putting together some amazing events for the Kickstarter. So, stay tuned!

We're also now on Instagram at Take a peek there for the best of the Jungle Cruise photos... 

Skipper Kyle (and Skipperette Jen)

RERUN: Descent into Madness, pt 3: S02 E24

July 14th, 2016

The Final part of our Seattle visit with Skipper Adam Rotella... (Explicit language tags!)


RERUN: Descent into Madness, pt 2; S02 E23

July 13th, 2016

Part 2 of the infamous "Adam Rotella" incident... 


RERUN: Descent into Madness, pt 1; S02 E22

July 12th, 2016

Middle of July? Tired of the Re-run episodes as Skipper Kyle is lost in the Jungles of Europe? Well, too bad, because we have one more episode. What words can be said about Skipper Adam Rotella? So, so many, and he uses them almost all himself. This three part episode is a doozie, as Skipper Mike Robles and Matt Nerrie join us for an amazing set of episodes. We'll be putting all three of these back up for your enjoyment!


RERUN: A Rainy Night; S02 E08

July 5th, 2016

We continue the "Best of" playlist for our Summer Vacation. This week, we're heading back in time with Skipper Ron Robledo, as we chat about the Jungle, Disney Art, and his time as an illustrator. Great interview, wet background, and a lovely cool podcast for a warm July day... Happy 5th of July, everyone... Hope you had a great Independence Day!

Skipper Kyle

RERUN: A Night and a Round Table; S02 E01

June 28th, 2016

Summer Vacation is still upon us, but we are here with the magic of "Advanced Scheduling"... Enjoy this episode from our famous "Skip Greets", which had us banned from Trader Joes for many a month. We had 8 Skips who all came together to tell their stories and shoot the fat... Maybe this July we'll do some more of these, when I get  back.

Skipper Kyle

RERUN: Chrisstravaganza, pt 2: S01 E08

June 21st, 2016

More Summer Vacation goodness, all the way back from our first season. These little heard episodes show the promise, but not the polish, of our later episodes... still, fun stories.

Skipper Kyle

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